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show me, don't tell me

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"I sense that I am slowly letting go. That I'm growing less in love with you every single day. I think that's the most difficult thing about losing someone you've loved, the way you feel never really dies all at once. All you can do is wait and watch it fade away one day at a time."

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!oh, i cn see ths , so cool,cries wn she laughs.n even cn laugh wn she cries depending ;)  Xths is something!

She is a paradox. It is a sign of great intelligence to like being alone, it shows you have a good sense of self - I don't know why I'm a paradox. I just go with what I feel.

Poem is typed on 6 x 8 hand pressed hemp paper using a 1955 Olympia Please note if youd like signature on front or back


I wanted to be this person for him. I thought I was. Now I have to hope this person exists for me. Or that I can be that person for another.

wow thas very specific,,,tell me!

Mindless ranting helps is to understand a person, their thoughts, emotions, ethics, and it is not annoying. It's beautiful