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Hermes kerchief turned into bag. elisabetta Hermes kerchief turned into bag. Hermes kerchief turned into bag.


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Hermes Scarf for knoting way . In hot summer,will you use the scarf for accessories ? Now share the hermes scarf for knotting creative way . Hope you enjoy, have fun experimenting! Images via here, here and here}

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How To Tie A Scarf - Hermès Scarf Knotting Cards - Bustier Asymetrique

How to Knot a Hermès Scarf in 21 Different Ways

How to Knot a Hermès Scarf in 21 Different Ways

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Alternative ways to wear scarfs

images from Hermes Knotting Cards deck that teaches you how to knot the scarves in many fashionable ways. Each purchase of a hermes scarf comes with one of these apparently :-)

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Mimundomanual: Como usar una bonita mascada

Hermes knotting cards show how silk scarves can be transformed into clothing, necklaces, bags and more. Check out our huge collection of Hermes tutorials at Lollipuff.

Furoshiki is the ancient japanese art of what you can do with a square piece of cloth: fold and knot it into pretty gift wraps, handy bags, carry case for your books or bento box and of course you can use it as a  napkin, tablecloth, scarf and decorative wall hanging.

LINK Furoshiki — Clothing -- Better Living Through Design Japanese wrapping clothes with many uses

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Tina Villa: How to tie a scarf - Hermes knotting cards-- the halters won't work with my boobs, but the other options are great

Hermès Carte à nouer

My love of scarves is vast, runs deep, and penetrates every single season. There is no outfit that can’t be enhanced greatly by the addition of a scarf. I own a scarf of every kind, every co…

Nouer un foulard façon pirate

Comment nouer et attacher un foulard pirate ou corsaire ?

Nouer un foulard façon pirate


What is FUROSHIKI? Furoshiki is a square cloth traditionally used for wrapping a gift or transporting the objects. Furoshiki dated back to Nara period cent