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Authentic Frostmourne Sword Epic Weapons 47" | eBay

Without the demonic looking thing on the hilt and something else in its place, this could be Ranuum's sword.

RAPTOR 32... thinking about this one

The "Bow Flex" Compound Bow; STS Raptor, Rubber power bands, shoots Arrows and Steel Shots. Cool concept but still lacking for serious bowmen.

The reason i like this weapon is because i like the design is designed to look like a underwater creature.

an aquatic based spear which has the spearhead coming out of a sea-serpents mouth, the blades handle also has a bunch of fins to show that it is based on some sort of aquatic sea-serpent.

Crimson Trace Laserguard Ruger LC9 Pistols

This Crimson Trace Laserguard is designed for use on the Ruger pistol. The laser attaches to the trigger guard of the gun, and features instinctive front activation which powers the laser from a n


A great sword concept I created a few months back, instead of uploading the lineart - I thought it might be interesting to have one of my weapon concept.