So cute! I have always wanted one. Seen on TV where the are very loving animals and this proves it.

Since tiny giraffes are all the rage thanks to those DirecTV ads, here are a bunch of real life mini-raffes. Giraffes are weird and beautiful creatures. Kind of lIke elongated goats.


Mother giraffe with baby - Parent-Child Relationship Fine Art Print

Giraffes spend much of their day feeding so nature has provided them with dark blue tongues to prevent them from getting sunburned!

Mom and baby giraffes .my baby loves giraffes

C'mon mom! (edit)  Don't kiss me in front of my friends!

This is the most ADORABLE THING EVER! Giraffes are my favorite animal and I love this bond this baby is having with its momma

Don't Say Another Word Child

Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics

Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics - mother and baby animal pictures - Woman And Home


Giraffe & baby - Giraffes see in color and their senses of hearing and smell are also sharp. The animal can close its muscular nostrils to protect against sandstorms and ants.

You wouldn't believe how much cleaner the air is up here!   Photo by simon1wf on Flickr

Wanna buy a watch?

Giraffe: Communication, intuition, watchfulness, mobility.The neck is the bridge between the realms, farsightedness to see beyond, expression and communication through body language, family ties. Teaches balance of sky and earth, care in what you say and how you take others opinions. One has strong relationships and inner perceptions. Are you becoming complacent and lose track of your goals? Are you setting your sights ahead for the future?

This giraffe mama and baby love each other.

Baby giraffe kiss

giraff mom and kid


sweet mom and baby giraffe Barbara von Hoffmann

i am in fact pinning all the baby giraffe pictures from this article.

Baby Giraffe Introduced To Herd, Your Heart

i am in fact pinning all the baby giraffe pictures from this article.

Adorable Zoo Animals You MUST See!

GIRAFFES ARE TOO CUTE! Cofi's name in Swahili means “born on Friday” (which she was) and her arrival at Tampa's Busch Gardens brings the park’s reticulated giraffe population to (Courtesy Busch Gardens) From: See the 35 Cutest Zoo Babies of

Giraffes up close

Two Giraffes Born in One Week at Czech Republic’s Zoo, Praha~

zoologico de buenos aires animales - Buscar con Google

Mama and baby giraffe


giz a kiss cute giraffe photo)

Oh yes darling I can get anything to fit in my mouth xx later that day: still trying but it just wont buge a little help

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