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Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers seem to enjoy water. They swim well and often soak in pools or streams to cool off. The scientific name for the tiger is "Panthera tigris". ~via Amazing Things in the World, FB

Barricuda surround a diver. Sipidan, Malaysia

helloboneshelloheart: Barracuda surrounding a diver off the coast of Sipadan, Malaysia (by David Doubilet).Wow and I thought being cut off by two barracuda to be intimidating!

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* * A tiger's rage is beautiful, burning with pure big cat flame, all its hair standing up and crackling eye sparks, blazing and sputtering.


Inspiring image diving, tiger, water, wild by awesomeguy - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

It says there are more tigers in captivity in the US then there are left in the wild... that's sad

Badass facts about a tiger…

Funny pictures about Badass facts about a tiger. Oh, and cool pics about Badass facts about a tiger. Also, Badass facts about a tiger.


Due to their low hunting success rate, ability to go prolonged periods without food and naturally low population densities, tigers typically have little to no deleterious effect on the populations of the species they prey on.

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One of the most beautiful animals in creation. say no to circuses Swimming lessons Respect our wild animals! They are God's gift to us!

London-based photographer Tim Flach's latest project, titled More Than Human, consists of intimate studio portraits of various wild animals

Almost human: Photographer's intimate studio portraits that show wild creatures making unnervingly similar gestures to us

British photographer Tim Flach created a series called "More Than Human," which captures the emotions of wild creatures through intensely close shots, including this stunning picture of a tiger drying off.


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