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The king fell to the ground. "No...it can't be" I mumbled tears falling from my grey eyes "Devin.," he tall man whispered loosening his dark tie "time to come with me" "no! Please help someone I can't go!" My long auburn hair falling in my eyes "you made a deal with a demon and lost sorry." "YOURE NOT SORRY YOU....YOU MONSTER!" I screamed tears running down my cheeks " please don't" ---  16 YEAR OLD GONE MISSING' headlines,Newscasts. If only the noticed me Devin thought her black eyes…

Until I draw my last breath, until my eyes close forever, I will not stop. until I hear the words "Check Mate.

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Circus Boy (1956-1958)

Circus Boy starring Mickey Braddock (Dolenz), Robert Lowery and Noah Beery Jr

Circus side -show The Living Skeleton

Circus side -show The Living Skeleton.how did this become the standard of American female beauty?