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I always dream of having a home where I can climb out onto the roof and just watch the stars. Sigh.

Imagine: Harry climbing throught your bedroom window at night to cuddle with you because he misses you and your parents dont approve


Her godmother gave her a pair of glass slippers, the prettiest in the whole world. Being thus decked out, she got up into her coach; but her godmother, above all things, commanded her not to stay till after midnight.

http://www.bookess.com/read/16770-um-conto-e-um-cafe/  Uma das mulheres da Terra de Melanie, do meu livro de realismo fantástico, que fala de mundos paralelos e muito mais...

The Soldier's Cross, translated into Dutch by De Banier Publishing. "Kruis van Vrede" roughly means "Cross of Peace.


Creative Digital Artwork by Liege, Belgium based artist Toon Hertz. Toon’s work is a mix illustrations of children, monster movies, fantasy and dark surrealism.