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or in the audience <3

For everyone in guard or band just wanna say that is true bc I once was that little kid and you know what it took a long time but here I am spinning flags and tossing rifles and that's bc I was inspired so no matter what you're inspiring someone

As a former band student, I used to play Flute [i still do but just at home], I had three section leaders since we were the biggest woodwind section, one of them is nice but tired a lot, one is between nice and funny and tired, and the other one was plain on mean, so ya and my friend threw up on the mean one and my friend straight up told me "well she's a bitch so she deserves it" I died laughing

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!

I bet the music he plays is imaginary too

What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/

Carolina Crown 2015

Carolina Crown 2015

Carolina Crown

2013 Carolina Crown- sweet---exept for the costume, that is not flattering