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Art by alodia-belle | Rivamika — Awkward Situations | DeviantART

I don't ship it, but holy fuck Mikasa is hot!I agree but.wth is this?

"That's not how it works" XD

The anime glasses thing. I love the anime glasses thing, it make the most adorable character look scary

Que naturalidad tienen Eren y Mikasa para hablar de eso a la lijera.

How Armin met Mikasa comic- lol and they're like: just normal stuff, you know .

CRYING AT MARCO'S || Attack on Titan ♜<<< Same Why do they always say he is half he's more ehh 75 percent

"When boys do that adorable half smile" is so damn rude because not just Marco is death the acter Cory Monteith is also death both died so young and they were sooo cute (╥_╥)