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I need A Stronger word for fuckin assholes of ppl So U Fuckin shit of pieces of lifeless person RAF!

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20 Cute Googly Eyes Cat Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be Loved

Exactly cuz I remember my parents and teachers always saying treat others the way u want to be treated.

But you overly compensate and are nice and five minutes early and yeah. it's ok though for those few monents when people are nice

So true lol

Sometimes, I shock myself the smart stuff I say and do. Other times, I tried to get out of my car with seatbelt on.

Lauren Graham http://media-cache3.pinterest.com/upload/139189444702938038_aigDgiGK_f.jpg alik03 words of wisdom

My brother told me aliens and monsters lived under the bed.then the next morning I stuck my led off and hit the dog's leg and thought it was a monster's leg.from then on i would crawl to the end of the bed and take a flying leap out of my room :D

.:) this just made me laugh..:)

"I've found the key to happiness. Stay the hell away from assholes" (^RPV - Best. Come on happiness!