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From the inside of that famous shot of the window.....

Marilyn Monroe by Bob Henriques * (and now I am off into the day! queue on!

19 vintage celebrity wedding photos that are truly gorgeous: Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe

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19 photos of vintage celebrity weddings: Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe, Click picture to see more couples.

Marilyn Monroe at the Cannes Film Festival. Inspiration of the week: vintage Cannes Film Festival moments

Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes!!

Ain't no way in hell a girl of and 118 lbs is gonna be THAT thick. Marilyn's weight was 118 at its smallest. 140 was her weight whenever you see her super curvy.

Marilyn M.

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She was living proof that you don't have to be a size zero to be beautiful. I'm not a size zero. I'm happy with the kind of body shape I have despite what society thinks.