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British artist Jane Perkins makes these portraits from salvage : Buttons, Pearls, clothespins, broken toys, Lego figurines which are transformed into familiar faces! #creativity #recycling art! #AlbertEinstein

Jane Perkins – Moderne Kunst – Portraits als detailreiches Relief | Superflu - A Brand for Fashion, Art, Design & Photo

Famous Portraits Recreated from Recycled materials and found Objects by Jane Perkins

Stunning Portraits Made of Hundreds of Found Objects by Jane Perkins – DesignSwan.com

Taking inspiration from Ecuadorian artists who take broken pieces of jewelry and implement them in original hair designs, and from the found objects themselves, [Jane] Perkins creates colorful masterpieces exhibited all around the world.

Junk Art par Jane Perkins : Objets Recyclés en Toile de Maitre

Lady Liberty by Jane Perkins of the UK ~ portrait created using old toy pieces, buttons, beads, etc.

Les portraits recyclés de Jane Perkins ! | HouHouHaHa

Les portraits recyclés de Jane Perkins !

Happy Monday, Quilters! I don't know a single quilter who doesn't have a button collection. Perhaps we should all take a short break from quilting and cross-train on Button Art!? Today...a little i...

Do YOU Save Buttons?

British artist Jane Perkins, for example, creates her artworks entirely from "unwanted materials", recycled or re-used objects

Art Made From Junk  QUEEN ELIZABETH II. (Photo by Jane Perkins/Caters News)

Queen Elizabeth II: The Exeter-based artist also transforms famous works of art - such as Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' - into colourful masterpieces. (Photo by Jane Perkins/Caters News)


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Multi media Albert Einstein (my definition) - Via g+ (Deviant Art, Surreal & Conceptional Art, or 10M Artists & Art Lovers)

In her “Plastic Classics” series, British artist Jane Perkins uses hundreds of found objects to recreate iconic paintings and portraits

PosterFaces—Заказ портрета  buttons come together to create a portrait, we first see the woman then the buttons

PosterFaces—Заказ портрета buttons come together to create a portrait, we first see the woman then the buttons. Have your own portrait made!