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Strength & courage

It takes a lot of and to put the past behind you and stand up and say: "I will not let it define me," to push forward and create the life that you truly deserve and not focus on bad things that life handed you in the past.

Don't we all.

I can't think of many things more attractive than a beautiful person whose beauty isn't what actually attracts you.so true!

This is totally me. I don't talk much in the beginning but when you get to know me, I don't shut up and I'm a little crazy, in a good way, lol

"I'm shy at first, but once I'm comfortable with you, get ready for some crazy shit" yup this is me

Ok! I need to repeat this several times a day and stop letting my hopes get up!

A Little Inspiration

You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner. so relax, breathe, and be patient. -Mandy Hale (Try Not To Laugh Texts)


This says to me what is so true. Blood is the last thing that makes a family. If blood mattered, we wouldn't be where we are today.

People who Shine from Within don't nee the Spotlight

A man of God isn't a true man of God if he thinks & cares about position & status more than he thinks or cares about souls. Be humble !

'Life is about letting go of what you think your life should look like, and celebrate life for what it exactly looks like' - Mandy Hale

22 Quotes About Happiness

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is. - Mandy Hale Tagged with: Happiness , Letting Go , Life , Mandy Hale

Mother defined.

Love this and so very true! I love you mom. You've always been the bestest mom! Never leaving my side and always pushing me for greatness! I love you!