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I love love love these socks, but you have to buy two sets of them to get 3 matching pairs.

Converse Live Roller Coyote $49.99

Converse Live Roller Coyote $49.99

Ninja turtle socks

Ninja Turtles Customized Nike Elite Socks Fast by FreshElites

Mens Dress Sock - Argoz - Yellow Navy White Argyle

Yellow Navy White Argyle Men’s Dress Socks

Mens Dress Sock - Argoz - Yellow Navy White Argyle

Peter & Chicken Mug Shots on crew socks

A Fearless Life -For the Punk Tattoo Halloween Rock Music Costume Kink Urban Movies TV fans

Minga Berlin - Layer Cake overknee socks | Buy:

Minga Berlin Socks

Minga Berlin Socks for Winter

Mens Teepee Sock       – Jimmy Lion

Quality and fashion just at Jimmy Lion.

Stance Revel Socks

See and be seen in the Revel Socks.


For Him / Stocking Stuffer: Anonymous Ism deer socks


I want some socks! Fun socks, thick socks -- just soockkss!

Warm and dorky, the Knee High Pencil Socks are perfect for a crazy sock day, a back to school outfit or even for a nerdy Halloween costume!

NicSocks  I wonder if he would wear these....probably  not, but it would be funny to see him open them.

(note: Nordstrom Rack has an excellent sock collection in their men's dept)

Rice Ball, Yum Yum, Socks, Stockings, Rice Hulls, Dress Socks, Sock, Boot Socks

Scooter Socks

Scooter Socks