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The Top Countries To Be A Women (it’s not the U.S.) - http://alternateviewpoint.net/2014/03/18/the-media/alternate-column/the-top-countries-to-be-a-women-its-not-the-u-s/

♥♥ In 2005 Supreme court Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone. It is not the duty of the police to protect people. Only to arrest code-breakers for the corporation(America).

Do you think this man went into a gun store, filled out the paperwork for a background check, and was approved to purchase a gun?  Don't think so....but stealing the guns from someone else is most likely the case.  Criminals don't follow the law!  Good people with guns can stop bad people with guns....let us remember that!

Do you think this man went into a gun store, filled out the paperwork for a…

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"Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs." - Joseph Goebbels - Already happening.lamestream media is spreading the propaganda machine for obama.

If it doesn't fit into the news media's agenda, it "never" happened. News are no longer news but PR and propaganda from the money behind the news stations, as became obvious at the 2016 US Election.

Europeans may "march" but as God fearing Americans with the Right to bare Arms we Must destroy the enemy!

Big media outlets only report what fits the preferred narrative.

The public only knew about the Trayvon Martin case because it was a "white on black hate" crime. Nobody knows about a "black on white hate" crime because that would be racist.

And yet... The MEDIA SAYS NOTHING!! And the FBI's AFRAID to investigate and PROSECUTE HER!!!!!!!!

The Clinton body count continues to grow.HELLO Americans, Wake Up! Is is no coincidence.

American PRAVDA... courtesy of the retarded left

Don't believe the claims of large crowds unless you actually see the entire crowd at once.