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Translated into paper, this would make a great lantern!


Hear the universal sound of the ocean plus . coming from the ( conch shell ) sea shell - Merle B

Sea Dragon with Full Tummy

**~A variety of Sea Dragon (not a seahorse)~**(Comment below pic - "Looks like he ate two tiny scuba divers." Is this critter for real (w/orw/out scuba divers)?

Giant Clam Shell

'Tridacna Gigas' by photographer Silvia Marmori. Photographed at Mar del Plata, Argentina in artificial light at the museum. Other beautiful shell photos by Marmori at this link. via pbase and textures

conch shell paintings - Google Search

Conch totem - Represents speech & intentions to uphold truth & beliefs. Beginning something new has great potential. (my thought: play your true song from the depths of your heart's inner peace.

African Turbo Shell - ©Dirk Wiersma / Science Photo Library (via FineArtAmerica)

African Turbo Shell - ©Dirk Wiersma / Science Photo Library (via FineArtAmerica) Really nice, bulbous shapes and highlights on this shell.

Love those seashells.

Pink Snail spiral shells - this shade of pink is so delicious!

caracol 1

Florida's State Shell the Horse Conch. state bird is the Mockingbird, state flower is the Orange Blossom, tree is the Cabbage (Sabal) Palm, and of course, it's nickname is the Sunshine State.

tanglejan: “ The nautilus is an ancient symbol of the spiral of our lives. As the Nautilus grows, it creates new, wider and larger chambers that are perfectly proportionate.

strombus raninus (I remember holding this to my ear to hear the sea.... )

Iain Rasmussen This is strombus raninus. color is amazing would love to find this on a beach or in the ocean.

Researchers say they have invented the first successful method for culturing pearls from the queen conch. Here, an image of the conch shell.

Pearls Cultured from Conchs

For more than 25 years, all attempts at culturing pearls from the queen conch (Strombus gigas) have been unsuccessful—until now. For the first time, novel and proprietary seeding techniques to produce beaded (nucleated) .

Mi vida y yo

A pearl is made form a grain of sand that got into an animals body. it is a foreign entity that causes pain. the animal, though in pain, will turn this invader into a beautiful, valuble gift. from such pain can come such beauty.

Deep Sea fish eyes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A deep-sea lanternfish. I came across this image on another page that brought up the "Innsmouth Look." They're kind of ugly-cute.

mermaid Mermaid night light mermaid jar от DesignsbySandrag

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