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There is no such thing as Old Testament Christians, a concept used to wrongly justify war.

What happens to individuals after issues are won and lost in the political arena? For instance: when immigration bans are enacted, then put on hold, and then

The Scientific Argument against the Paris Climate Agreement: The Paris Agreement is based upon a fundamental misconception of climate history and science.

what do you think a libertarian is?

Why Call Myself a Libertarian

Vince Vaughn Is Actually Right about "Gun Free" Zones : Anything Peaceful : Foundation for Economic Education

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms (with David Kopel)

How to Help the Weak and Vulnerable in a Libertarian Society

Wahlversprechen bereits umgesetzt - Trump stoppt Einreise von Muslimen

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning refugees and people from some Muslim-majority countries. Hypocritical and corrupt Donald Trump's Muslim ban excludes countries in which he has business ties.

Or Should I Call Myself a Libertarian?

The crux of the libertarian philosophy.

Libertarian Porcupine

Fact of the day. #libertarianINLibertarian Party of Indiana

Libertarian Party of Indiana