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joachimartist: a day long walk

from am till pm Crossing the Albert canal over Vroenhoven bridge through Tiendenberg forrest where I saw the first Argus butterf.

click pic to enlarge stinkparasolzwam - lepiota cristata, Cannerberg hill (NL) bruin blauwtje - brown argus, Millennium forest (NL).

joachimartist: different perspective

I didn't want to go for a long walk, still tired from yesterday, but it turned out differently as so often while still experimenting with th.

Three hill walk

a photo compilation as film about an afternoon walk over three of the South Limburg hills around Maastricht: Louwberg, Cannerberg and Sint Pietersberg;

Sunny Autumn Cannerberg walk

Walking criss-cross Cannerberg (Mt Canne) From Biesland, and Susserweg, partly through Jeker valley, and back over Jesuit path, up alongside the former NATO .

Classic road to Kanne

The most classic way of walking to Kanne (Belgium) and back alongside the Jeker river. A walk over Mt Canne, through forest and the Jeker valley, with lots o.

Dripping border walk

Compilation of a walk I did yesterday afternoon; strolling the border on both sides: Netherlands - Belgium; walking from my home in Maastricht alongside, and.

didn't know there was a clip about my hometown..

A village belonging to Lanaken, a municipal in Belgium at the Dutch Limburgian border. This is the compilation of walks alongside the Albert canal and over t.

joachimartist: if there is smoke there must be fire

Is what I thought coming from Cannerberg hill into Wolder field when I saw the smoke but no fire. After a short while I heard the fire briga.

joachimartist: under wet conditions

joachimartist: under wet conditions

click pic to enlarge groot koolwitje - large white, Millennium forest (NL) Maastricht (NL) : the Old Bridge High Bridge .

joachimartist: early morning on Mount Saint Peter (NL)

click pic to enlarge oehoe - eagle owl, ENCI valley torenvalk - kestrel, Fort Saint Peter .

joachimartist: Vroenhoven Spring trail

click pic to enlarge

joachimartist: while distributing my novel Merlijn

joachimartist: while distributing my novel Merlijn

joachimartist: Autumn in Limburg

joachimartist: Autumn in Limburg

click pic to enlarge dagpauwoog - peacock, Albert canal Kanne (B) klein koolwitje op brandnetel - small white on stinging nettle, C.