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Storie assurde! Piene di disagio! Disagio strambo! Ma piangerete anch… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

I disagi del campo mezzosangue

lights over the city : Photo

Varadero Beach Klance Poster

Varadero Beach Klance Poster


cellyfish-art: “ A Klance print I’m going to sell at Connichi and German Comic Con in Berlin!

catnippackets:just wanted something soft - A Really Nice Concept: Klance

Welcome to Voltron hell, here's your parachute. I draw stuff.


Welcome to Voltron hell, here's your parachute. Your ships are welcome.

Ikimaru #klance #voltron

Ikimaru #klance #voltron


Ooh no. Lance died and Keith is heart broken. He misses him.

Keith / Lance | Prince Lotor  I HAVE NO JUSTIFICATION BUT I SHIP LANCE/LOTOR   (Yes its unhealthy but idc)

The only reason why I'm kinda on board for Lancelot is bc it means jealous Keith which means more klance so!

tumblr_oetesfo7Jg1vf91heo3_1280.png (1080×1080)

Voltron - Keith x Lance - Klance

Stupid altean pools

This is so beautiful! Klance in the Altean pool!


this is one of my favourite fanarts of Voltron

klance | Tumblr

Page 2 Read 1 from the story Klance comic by (ItAmy) with reads.

Voltron Legendary Defenders

Aliens: Humans are weird.

“Gladiolus: strength of character, honor, conviction #voltron”

🖍️cosmic🖍️ on

TBH I am really REALLY hoping for a scene where Shiro gets his arm ripped off or something and we see either like a stumpr or just the remnants of machinery stuck to his arm in like a final boss-fight or something

I hate canon Texan Keith but I LIVE FOR TEXAN KEITH MEMES

I hate canon Texan Keith but I LIVE FOR TEXAN KEITH MEMES <<< As a Texan with a faint accent and countless family members with strong lilts, I can appreciate these memes on a personal level XD

Sums up Voltron

Sums up their relationship