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Wat kinderen vertellen over thuis.

Wat kinderen vertellen over thuis.

He said adhesions only cause pain if you feel them ripping your organs apart.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: December Lesson Plans Scrape children from ceiling. Repeat as necessary.

This one never gets old || Ideas and inspiration for teaching GCSE English || www.gcse-english.com ||

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This is what today's society has come to. Not to much face to face interaction...

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Agreed!! These children are our future leaders of America ! Education needs to be first :)

I've got a crazy budget idea.what if we fully funded schools and made prisons make up their budget deficit with Box Tops and money from Target?Just sayin'.

I mean, I've got a spreadsheet of how I'm going to distribute my lottery winnings already.  That's called BEING PREPARED.

I've never been a millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it! I love Dorothy Parker. I like her attitude.

I did this ALL TGE TIME when I was a band director!

Goes on the supply teacher checklist. Heads up classroom teachers, that doesn't work when a sub's in!

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I have recently encountered a situation that has happened many times before. Because I am an emotional person by nature, the situation natur.