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What Does the Frog Fish Look Like. Different Types of Tropical Fish.

Juvenile #frogfish

Juvenile frog fish :D (Y) 2014 Anilao Critters, Anilao Philippines Sports & Recreation :D Visit Anilao Critters and Resorts Official website :-)).

Animal of The Week: Painted Frogfish | Greenamajigger

Animal of The Week: Painted Frogfish

Animal of The Week: Painted Frogfish | Greenamajigger

Frogfish | Muck Diving Ambon

Dive with Frogfish at Maluku Divers, Ambon and the best Muck Diving Indonesia has to offer.

Minature Melo: a Snail Made of Starlight his is a bubble snail known as a Miniature Melo (Micromelo undata) which shares the same class (Gastropoda) as the nudibranchs. In the light, its shimmery body looks like its made out of stardust – no big deal.

Beautiful little bubble snail called the Miniature Melo. Its cute little shell is much smaller than its body. It eats toxic worms and incorporates the poison into its tissue to serve as a defense mechanism.

Pseudomugil gertrudae     image by Matt Pedersen, 2013

Fish: Spotted blue eye pseudomugil gertrudae These are the new additions to my new scape.

Clown Frogfish, the Clown of the Sea

Read about the sea creatures that scuba divers encounter underwater, and learn about their different behaviors, history and location