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Not every prince is perfect, they all have there bad bits

Disney sets the standards low. have you ever thought about that? Of course perfect characters are not as much fun, but.

Absolutely. Lilo and Stitch is one of the best Disney movies—it's cute and funny, but the story and the meaning behind it is what makes it incredible. It's just a really beautiful and amazing story. And David is the best part. Reminds me of someone I know. ;)

8 Times Tumblr Proved Their Deep Disney Love

I hate how everyone says that frozen is the first Disney movie to do that. You're all stupid.

I am so sick of these new generation disney movies thinking they are better. Old school disney paved the way for these newly animated disney movies. Suck on that Frozen! But Frozen was still a really good movie.

Tumblr posts paired with frozen characters. ~ whoa. That last one.

BAHAHAHA / I love this because of the text posts and Cuz I hate frozen 😂

The old Disney channel...replace Hannah Montana with sister,sister or boy meets world

What Girls Want on

"The old Disney channel." — I consider the bottom left (Hannah Montana and Suite Life) getting into new Disney Channel territory, but otherwise, yes. *nostalgic sigh* That channel seems so dumb these days.

Disney princesses

Mulan was always my fave Disney girl :). Mulan don't need no man! She saved China! AND THEN SHE STILL GOT THE GUY! Let this be a lesson to you ladies out there, you do not need a man to be you. Be you and the man will come along later.

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TRUE except for Flynn and Tarzan; Max wasn't Flynn's pet until the end, which they still hadn't proved that Flynn claimed him as his own. Tarzan was RAISED by the gorilla: not the other way around.

*sniff* I remember this. Disney was in the process of buying all the rights to the non-Sesame street Muppets when Jim Henson died. (Kermit is the only shared Muppet between the two groups.) Disney chose to go ahead with the purchase even without Henson.

Sad and beautiful…

When Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets died in Disney released this picture of Mickey consoling Kermit the Frog I can feel my heart breaking