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Abortion is the real war on women! Praying my girls will be strong pro-life feminists!

Over 25 million girls aborted since 1973 in the USA

Little Ana Rose a survivor victim of abortion

Reminds me of a pro-life banquet we went to. The main speaker was a young woman who had survived a saline abortion.

This is horrible and disgusting. I know amazing people with Down syndrome, and would probably know more if they weren't always aborted

Downs children are some of the sweetest human beings that serve as a constant reminder of God's blessing on us--do we really want to eliminate blessings?

Love the defenseless. Protect the defenseless. Fight for the defenseless.  Choose life.

Abortion violates human rights. Every person has a right to life!

Absolutely :) <3 Pro Life

Absolutely :) <3 Pro Life

A Voice for Hope: Are you like him? If you adhere to this "CHOICE" you are no better than him. Killing is killing. Period.

Comparing women to Nazis. I wonder how the man who created this would feel if he knew that Hitler opposed abortion?

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I guess not ALL black lives matter. This precious little girl might grow up to be the scientist who discovers the cure for cancer!

UNLESS You are a Black Baby! If abortion is factored into causes of death, it becomes the leading cause of death in the African-American community.

See life with the eyes of a child. Eye color is determined long before birth! #prolife

The color of this child's eyes determined 9 months before this picture was taken, at the beginning of life. End Abortion