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Strage di Nizza,l'attentato corrisponde alle modalità terroristiche islamiste. Tra gli 84 morti anche 10 bambini, bilancio provvisorio

Carol Davis, a witness to the attack in Nice, told RT that French security services had not been paying enough attention to the area, where a few officers were “just kind of walking around, mostly talking to each other” prior to the attack.

Media Is The Most Dangerous Weapon

Media Is The Most Dangerous Weapon

Funny pictures about Media Is The Most Dangerous Weapon. Oh, and cool pics about Media Is The Most Dangerous Weapon. Also, Media Is The Most Dangerous Weapon photos.

Operation Northwoods - Wikipedia

Operation Northwoods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How many "terrorist attacks" have been false flags?

Great Shots of Inside Chemtrail Airplanes!!!

Inside shot of a Chemtrail Airplane? Some argue they are simply “Ballast Barrells”, yet they are clearly tanks and hardly represent the inner seating struture of a commercial passenger aircraft, though it is obviously one, though.

Smart-dust: Hitachi Develops Worlds Smallest RFID Chip.  They measure only .15x x .15 mm each & have GPS capabilities.  Called smart dust as they can be sprayed on us & absorbed or taken in foods, drinks, and injected.

Police officers, military, even garbage men will all be required to have the RFID chip by the end of next month or face termination from their jobs.

Disarming America

Thousands of guns are destroyed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua State, on February At least rifles and pistols seized from drugs cartels were destroyed by members of the Mexican Army.

The world is becoming a strange place for those of us who don’t watch Duck Dynasty and are only vaguely aware of its mere existence; when this viewer first heard the title, I presumed it was some n…

10 Bizarre Television Conspiracy Theories

#Y4U? What Are The #Traditions in 15 #Countries Regarding #Behavior?

How NOT to behave in 15 countries around the world

How NOT to behave in 15 countries around the world in Travel Bucket curated by Robin Sowton

The Contemporary Condition: Naomi Klein: In The Eye of the Anthropocene

The true cost of oil: What does environmental devastation actually look like? At TEDxVictoria, photographer Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of the Alberta Tar Sands mining project -- and the beautiful (and vital) ecosystems under threat.