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Victorian long hair - mirror image

Beautiful Victorian/Edwardian era photo of a young woman with long hair gazing into a large, bold decorative mirror

Blanche Thebom

Blanche Thebom, known for her bountiful locks along with her singing ability

cabinet photos of ladies with long hair sell very well

vintage everyday: Victorian Beauties – 31 Interesting Photos Show Ladies in Front of Mirrors Before 1900

Sabemos que en tiempos antiguos las mujeres acostumbraban a tener una larga cabellera, era muy común en esa época por todo el tema de los sofisticados peinados que se usaban. Cuentan por ahí que en el sigo XIX en Nueva York existieron siete hermanas, las cuales se hicieron muy famosas por sus largas cabelleras. Las …

amazing cool weird crazy offbeat Mary Sutherland 02 20090724100727219 The Seven Sutherland Sisters With Worlds Longest Hair

c. 1900: Hair of the Seven Sutherland Sisters                   “The Seven Sutherland sisters were a group of singing women from Niagara, New York, famous for their very long hair. The sisters spent much of their time traveling from city to city in side-shows from about 1882 until about 1907, and also posing in drug store windows or hotels lobbies. They went on to make millions of dollars with sales of hair tonic”  - The Rapunzel Long Hair Archive  Pictures from Niagara County Historical…

amazing cool weird crazy offbeat Naomi Sutherland 01 20090724100720208 The Seven Sutherland Sisters With Worlds Longest Hair

Weird that long hair like this was the fashion ideal at one time. I don't think most women today would have the patience even to brush it out at night, never mind style it!  :)

One had to have this much hair to achieve the beautiful updos and fat hair fashions in the Edwardian period,