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halfling female rogue two swords - Google Search

halfling female rogue two swords - Google Search

Audacious Accomplishment ideas - Clarice 1 by Zephyri on DeviantArt

Personal World Building Project. Best way to describe this character is if Clarice Starling had existed in one of Brom's dark fantasy worlds! I love the film, and am using it as a spring board in my Audacious Accomplishment project as part of Chris


f Fighter Plate Armor Cloak Sword midlvl char-portraits: “Knight redesign by Johannes Palmblad ” Some inspirational art for gaming.

The D&D bard, despite the roots of the word itself, is inspired more by wandering minstrels who were indeed considered "rogues" of a sort (for instance, attempting to earn free food and rooms at inns through doing odd jobs like killing rats, singing, or just wooing the bartender). D&D bards are described as not necessarily opposed to tradition, but to the staleness and risk of corruption that comes with a settled life.

Female half-elf Bard - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D I love seeing elves of color instead of the typical blonde hair, blue eyed types

Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures: Further Afield ~ Flatland Games

Harley Quinn Is Even More Fun Dressed As A Real Medieval Court Jester

Act I scene v Clown: two faults, madonna, that drink and good counsel will amend.