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Bear in Alaska: "Man! Those men from: 'John West' have NOTHING on my fishing technique;" (Photo of Grizzly Bear in Alaska By: Lionel Maye, whic he titled: 'Success.

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bear splashing through the water. as I photographer this photo makes me nervous. A bear running through the water with intent in your direction.

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Coastal Brown Bear Sow with Unusual 4 Spring Cubs Katmai National Park, Alaska

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Previous pinner wrote: "At Nara, Japan this morning in the rain – saw this kid sharing his umbrella with a deer…melted my heart.” Deer roam free in Japan and are protected creatures.

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Grizzly Bear and Cub Photograph by Trish Carney, Your Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures Yellowstone! Had the pleasure of observing this grizzly sow and her cub this May. The snow.

Let's all work together and try to get a control of global warming, the polar bear is losing it's natural habitat and is close to extinction because of the doings of humans.

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The size of a sedated grizzly bear's paw~West Coast Native News

Paws on a tranquilized Alaskan bear. Imagine being bitch-slapped by this paw!

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Three Grizzly Bear Cubs in the Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska - photo by Steven Kazlowski

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Claude the bear, from Hiroshima zoo (Yes, it's real) Kung Fu Bear mashups Ninja Bear's Lesson I Must Defeat Kung Fu Bear!

rare Kermode Bear, also known as "spirit bear." Spirit bears are white subspecies of black bears, and live in British Columbia, Canada

The Kermode Bear, or Spirit Bear: a sub-species of the American black bear. Only found in what is known as the Great Bear Rain Forest located in west-central British Columbia and a few adjacent islands.