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Except chuck is God and it was from the demon blood and since azazel died the blood stopped being active so he stopped having premonitions

But Sam only got visions because of the demon blood not the fact he was born a prophet. The visions stopped when Azale died, which was the demon who gave Sam the demon blood.

They would just kill us off


I need this episode to happen soo much! Perhaps *we* are a love interest for one of the boys? OMG imagine them making out with a camera 😂😂 honestly just going on a hunt would be awesome.

Look out for your fandom and fellow fandoms!

Fuck this! Why do people give the SPN Fandom hate? Seriously, are you like 5 years old? If anyone ever feels down because of the hate pathetic low-lifes are giving you for liking a TV show, talk to me.

something like this.. alternate realities (The French Mistake).. or amnesia (Regarding Dean).. but different.

Witch put a curse to make Cas and Dean act like a couple