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Undertale:*Hands back of feels* Me:I'm sorry... I never had permission to go on a feels trip. Can I go home now? Undertal:*Seems to consider it for a few second before shaking head* Me:Ok then...*cries silently*

K so I've heard that the genocide/no mercy run (idk if they're different ok) is where characters possesses frisk so consider: characters making frisk kill sans and then temporarily letting go just in time for frisk to watch him die.

Steven universe X Pokemon

undertale, papyrus, gaster, sans, frisk

undertale, papyrus, gaster, sans, frisk--The Gravity Falls reference is strong…

Sabrina Psychic Pokémon

Sabrina about archive tags: original (cat / botanical garden / photo) / game (pkmn) / anime / movie

MANY, MANY SANS!!! YEH!!! OH YEAHHH, oh wait, my OC would be glad to meet Ink Sans.        Alright heres a list of their names, an...

DeviantArt: More Like Ink!Sans and Error!Sans by HavenHeaven