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Halfmens plant in the Richterveld region of the Northern Cape.

Halfmens trees in the Richtersveld National Park, Northern Cape, South Africa. See Ai-Ais(Namibia) / Richtersveld(South Africa) Transfrontier Park.

The succulent spine-bearing tree, Pachypodium Geayi, which originated in south-west Madagascar. Photo by Amanda Berry, 2012 ©

Pachypodium is a genus of succulent spine-bearing trees and shrubs, native to Africa. It belongs to the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. Occurring naturally in So

Dragon Coconut tree of Kerala..

coconut tree

The Rolling Coconut Tree at Chole Island (Mafia), southern circuit of Tanzania (part of the Spice Islands). This is a cool looking coconut tree!

Toborochi Trees

BEAUTIFUL TREES in Aspire Park, Doha, Qatar These wonderful toborochi trees have unique amphora-shaped trunks. It has beautiful pink flowers and the swelling in the trunk is caused by water storage.

A beaver house-I could fuss with sticks for a year and not achieve that symmetry

A beaver house ~ amazing symmetry not an animal, but I love this and don't have anywhere to pin it. I've never seen a beaver house.

Socotra's Amazing Trees

Dendrosicyos socotranus or the cucumber tree above - is endemic to the Island of suqutra and is the only species in the Cucurbitaceae family to grow in a tree form.

Seashell house for Harry Potter...

Shell Cottage Outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall, England. Specifically on Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales in the UK. The cottage was built specifically for