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Galaxy, no mather what kind of choice you made, I'll always see you as the 12th member of exo... as a fan I'm here to support you not to control your life..

Woo YiFan (Kris) of EXO (yes I know woo is not his surname but it sounds the same as Wu so I put him in this family)

EXO-M Kris. Ahhhhh I get to meet him in less then a month!!! Can't wait for KCON!! AHHH ~Colleen

EXO-M Kris. Ahhhhh I get to meet him in less then a month! Can't wait for…

[ KRIS ] Wu Yifan - Harper's BAZAAR China February 2015

Wu YiFan (Kris) Harper's BAZAAR February 2015 shooting<<< don't even try to fight me on that Fanfan looks like Viktor

*digs a deep dark hole, jumps in, covers it with dirt, spends rest of life sobbing until someone digs me up*

Vote e)(o on MAMA on

lets just hope Kris Oppa does his best in his new career and the same with Lu ge

EXO - @Star1 Magazine - #kris  #chanyeol

How about a piece if KRISYEOL.(Exo in Star 1 magazine June issue - kris Chanyeol)

I saw this video and I almost cried at how cute and good he is with children

OMG he is so precious he is so caring and thoughtful with kids Oh Kris is so awesome ❤️