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Pat Evison

Pat Evison

The Courtesy Rules Of Blindness “When you meet me don’t be ill at ease. It will help both of us if you remember these simple points of courtesy. http://y-tu-padre-que-tal-mea.tumblr.com/post/162020750529/the-courtesy-rules-of-blindness

I'm low vision and just to add on to the last one: if someone isn't fully blind ask them what they want to be called. I don't like being called blind because I'm far from fully blind, so I use low vision or vision impaired.

When someone you loves passes away, there is just nothing. Nothing is all around you.Nothing is inside you.Your heart is nothing.Tears are all…

Days will pass and turn into years but i will forever remember you with silent tears. My brother passed away on the August he will forever live in a corner of my heart

Some of the things I have heard homeowners tell me that they want in their homes and some things they wish they had included. This post will cover the Closets, Bedroom and Outdoor/Garage areas

Electrical outlets in the eaves connected to a switch or timer in the garage to plug Christmas lights in! What a great idea!

I don't think you'll ever be replaced. No matter what. There's no one else out there that's like you. As of right now, I don't know if I'll ever truly get over you.

But you're not trying to be replaced baby girl just remembered & honored no matter what anyone tries to say! They're just dealing with their own guilt of what they done to you!

That. Is. FASCINATING. They're obviously doing it because the other covers do not sell in this country. Isolationism? Short attention span? Oh I want to know more about this.

Probably the only time Americans will see these covers…

Funny pictures about Probably the only time Americans will see these covers. Oh, and cool pics about Probably the only time Americans will see these covers. Also, Probably the only time Americans will see these covers.

Only 20s Kids Will Remember

Only 20s Kids Will Remember

Obviously American poster - some of us Brits still use these to get to work faster.