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Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon with Star Motif Stickpin


These three figures represent the different stages of the female life cycle.

selene, goddess | images Selene moon goddess, frosted Selene: Goddess of the Moon by

Selene (Greek) – Selene was the Titan personification of the moon, unsurprising then that her name means moon in Greek.





Victorian Steampunk Man in the Moon Pill Case Or Trinket Box Moon Eclipse. $17.50, via Etsy.

Victorian Goth Edwardian Art Nouveau Man in the Moon half moon Pill Case Or Trinket Box birth control case

Wands representing two of the symbols associated with the Egyptian Moon Goddess Isis-the Moon and bull horns.

Communicating With Ancient Seers

They may have been the locale Priestess in the Temple or one of the Moon Goddesses/Gods the temples were built to honor. The temples were most often dedicated to Goddesses because the moon.


A night sky showing a full moon. The dark night and swirling clouds create a dramatic atmosphere. A night sky like this fully encapsulates Halloween.

Tanrıça Serisi 4: Kadim Ay Tanrıçası'nın Sırrı

Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) from a photo for the Hobbit. She always was and will be my most favourite character from LOTR series, just look at her. Galadriel - The Hobbit