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It takes fifteen seconds for Dean to fall in love. He walks into the kitchen with the intention of making himself a cup of coffee, only to find you there at the stove. You have your back turned,.

Dean Winchester II by Arasiriel.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Wanted it to look like a photo so I painted it from an actual photo (which I put a graph over.

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HELLO, Dean Winchester! "Sharp Teeth" #Supernatural #SPNs9 #DeanWinchester • Dean can scold me anytime. I don't mind at all. ;)

Dean, season Every time I see a season 9 picture of him, you can tell by his scruff and expression how hard it is for him and it breaks me :c poor dean

[GIF] 9x11 First Born

Jensen leaves me breathless and drooling ~ Season 9 Dean

Jensen Ackles & Dean Winchester

"What is worth living for? Life itself is worth living for! If you're not living the life that you.

Such a pretty gif, what with the break up scruff and his face and all.

sexy research dean reading

Original poster wrote: "So, the official Supernatural page on Facebook posted this photo to celebrate its 15.000.000 likes. At first I was like oh cool! Nice pic let’s share it. Dean looks handsome like always. Flawless hair, sexy scruff, lips you’d die to kiss and green eyes that-  *focuses better and realization strikes* ONLY ONE EYE IS GREEN  THE OTHER ONE IS PITCH BLACK  NO, IT’S NOT A MANIP. THE PAGE POSTED IT LIKE THAT."

This photo makes my soul hurt :( also feelsssssss<<<<i feel like demon!dean was so cool tho cause he was legit season 1 dean except for the whole wanting to kill sammy 😕

I do believe this is the most handsome man I have ever seen...My all time favorite!! (along with his side kick, it would be hard to decide)

I do believe this is the most handsome man I have ever seen.My all time favorite! (along with his side kick, it would be hard to decide)

Dean <3

Dean <3

literally I have dean’s self esteem/worth

literally I have dean’s self esteem/worth

Dean, 9x17 Mother's Helper

Why do I have to be some kind of hero?

Oh God. I literally just dropped my phone and put my head in my hands<<< I can not stop grinning!<--I just dropped my phone on my face

I am really, really sorry for the language but it's impossible not to pin this because perfection.

CAS, omg, lol im so sorry Dean but this us your fault, you deal with your boyfriend

Will his face ever stop amazing me? Doubtful.

Will his face ever stop amazing me?

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Jensen Ackles with wife Danneel & oldest daughter JJ, JJ's birthday ~ cute family!