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Pappy\'s Sauce for Sissies #ATasteOfKentucky

Pappys Sauce for Sissies: Our barbecue guru says that even tough guys can have a hard time with a little spice -- thats why theres Pappys Sauce for Sissies. Delicious and mild with the distinctive.

Marks Feed Store Red BBQ Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Marks Feed Store Red BBQ Sauce: Mark Erwin knew that if he wanted to open a barbecue restaurant in Louisville, hed better have the sauce. So he turned his home kitchen into a barbecue laboratory.

Smokin Grill Too Hot for You BBQ Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Smokin Grill Too Hot for You BBQ Sauce: Like the other two Smokin Grill BBQ sauce concentrates (the original and the spicy), their newest BBQ sauce has the same sweet-tangy flavor but this time.

Smokin Grill Spicy BBQ Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Smokin Grill Spicy BBQ Sauce: Well let the label speak for itself, but we (and you) will agree that the Kentuckys Spicy Smokin Grill Concentrate is a good all-purpose spicy sauce: Could be a.

Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce: Cmon singe a few tail feathers -- unless youd rather stay in the henhouse. A spicy, robust barbecue sauce made with Fighting Cock bourbon, this is perfect.

Kentucky BourbonQ

Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon is one of the first bourbons on the market designed specifically for those who like a little “kick” in their cocktail.

Makers Mark Gourmet Sauce 15 Oz.

: The only gourmet sauce made with Americas award-winning Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky. A perfect compliment to : Beef, Poultry, Seafood and BBQ.

Pappy's Moonshine Madness BBQ Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Pappys Moonshine Madness BBQ Sauce: A step up from the regular Pappys XXX White Lightnin, this is a great BBQ sauce for those who like it hot. Like the original Pappys sauce, this is a great.

Wild Turkey BBQ Sauce #ATasteofKentucky

Wild Turkey BBQ Sauce: Wild Turkey BBQ Sauce combines the art of bourbon into a true Southern BBQ Sauce. Made with the finest of all Kentucky Bourbons, become part of this Real Kentucky tradition.

Old Honey Barn Bourbon Barbecue Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Old Honey Barn Bourbon Barbecue Sauce: Another fine product from Don over at the Old Honey Barn. A sweeter take on traditional BBQ sauce, this one relies on a rich and smoky brown sugar and vinegar.

Screamin Mimis Pepper Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Screamin Mimis Pepper Sauce: Screamin Mimis has taken a select blend of aged peppers and spices and made this delightfully tangy sauce, a perfect complement to beef, pork, poultry, or anything.

Moonlite Inn Hot BBQ Sauce #ATasteOfKentucky

Moonlite Inn Hot BBQ Sauce: From the Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inns restaurant in Owensboro, Kentucky, this is the hot version of their traditional Kentucky barbecue sauce.

Nothing leaves us screamin’ for more on the #Cold days of #Winter than Screamin’ Mimi’s #Salsa & Chips.

Nothing leaves us screamin’ for more on the days of than Screamin’ Mimi’s & Chips.

The Devil in this Moonshine Sauce is the Secret Ingredient!

Devil John Moonshine BBQ Sauce: This is one of the most interesting BBQ sauces we have tried in a long time.

Betty's Old-Fashioned Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake

Bettys Old-Fashioned Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake: Forget all the jokes about fruitcakes! This award-winner combines fruit, nuts, and a generous splash of Kentucky Bourbon that we are sure will.