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Our kitty would LOVE just one more hang-out spot - and old television cabinet re-made - Apartment Therapy

Vintage TV Converted Into the Cutest Kitty Lounge — Final Frame

Our kitty would LOVE just one more hang-out spot - and old television cabinet re-made - Apartment Therapy and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Such an great idea.  Cat Bench Bed & Litter Cabinet (hide your litterbox from the world!)

For Mimi Cat beds furniture. Top has cushioned area for kitty to lounge. Hide her litter box in the center that has a flip door. Keep cat toys, litter scoops and meal accessories in the additional storage on the sides. A unique cat bed!

Even a cat loves coffee so much. LOL #cat #love #coffee

Morning coffee (40 photos)

Even a cat loves coffee so much. LOL if to put this under coffee or crazy cat lady!

Through the power of DIY, things around your house can be transformed into almost anything. Garage doors can by transformed into big beautiful tables, shoes can be turned into lamp stands, and suitcases can be turned into cute cat beds. With a little cutting, sanding, and painting, you can make even the most straightforward housewares into...

Old Shutters Are Repurposed Into Beautiful Planter Boxes

When someone says shutters, you probably think about the hinged panels normally to the sides of a window. A lot of times, shutters on windows are meant just for decor and actually open and close. More often than not, shutters are removed from the

It’s easy to replicate anything with cardboard. If you live in a city, it’s a quite cheap material. I ussually do cardboard furniture and decoration stuff. check my work… and keep recycling!!

Amazing, Realistic Cardboard Sculptures Imitate Life

unsoloboton cardboard tv CardBoard things in cardboard with turntable Television House Cardboard

Cat or dog pet bet from a vintage thrift suitcase! Thanks, Camille Styles!

Transformed :: A Suitcase

Proof that you can use almost anything to store your shiny pretties – this jewelry stand is just a wire rack (check out your local stationary store) nailed to the wall with a few hooks attached – perfect for storing the delicate gold pieces I’ve got a penchant for these days. Top it off with … Read More

A great DIY idea for eye-catching storage: wooden crates as shelves and a vintage wire rack for jewelry. Could use the wooden crates on outdoor walls