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Haha furk yur lol

Haha furk yur lol

Theres nothing crazy about me. except the crazy red sesame street guy in my head. or the straight jacket hugging me tight

Animal crazy drummer

you being crazy funny cute memes lol funny quotes funny sayings the muppets

The Muppets

We do Yoga to relieve stress......... Just kidding..... We drink wine in our yoga pants.

We do everything in our yoga pants.We do Yoga to relieve stress. Just kidding. We drink wine in our yoga pants.

Brilliant, isn't it...

Glass prisons

Glass Prisons can hold homicidal maniacs. Hannibal Lecter- Silence of the Lambs; Magneto- X-Men: The Last Stand Raoul Silva- Skyfall; John Harrison or Khan- Star Trek: Into Darkness; Stitch- Lilo & Stitch- stitch cracked me up!

That's what I tell myself anyway!  LOL

random thoughts for monday may 7th, 2012

so I've been told that I'm now a member of the crazy mom's club. It means she starts arguments at family gatherings.She calls people crazy but she is the one that's bipolar.

You mean to tell me that a #stressball isn't for throwing at people who stress you out?

(A FAVORITE PIN) . so you mean to tell me a stress ball isn't for throwing at people who stress you out?



Yes! I do this to my family members and they always get offended, but I didn't mean to insult them!

The fact that the way I would describe most people sounds insulting if I said it aloud doesn't really bother me at all because it just makes me feel like Sherlock. though I suppose it would bother most people around me.