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When confronted by an armed, trained, kevlar-clad officer a suspect must make split-second decisions that cops will use as justification for killing them.

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They Are Warriors and They Are Broken – but Not Beyond Repair . Patriotic warriors take many forms - military, police, firefighters, EMS.

Trolling the police

I may have to use the last method next time I get pulled over, hopefully the cop has a sense of humor haha

Virginia Tech put on lockdown after two shot dead on campus

Virginia Tech put on lockdown after two shot dead on campus

'I just need to know you're ok': The heartbreaking final text by wife of Virginia Tech police officer after he was shot dead

Jesus and Policeman Cross Stitch Pattern

Never, ever under estimate how much they hurt when they see a child beaten, a woman wounded, an innocent man killed.May God give them the comfort & safety they need in those dark moments.

I regret nothing! You won't take me alive! Wait, you're serious about coming in aren't you?

I would no want to be in a dangerous situation and not be able to have time t fix it. Whether is a girl friend, jobs, a trade i made, family choices etc.

emergency dispatcher meme | love this card. Thank you to Mrs Fuzz.

What cops really do. My son is a police officer and sent me this funny graphic.

Police Law Enforcement healthy diet workout motivation

Police Officer Healthy Eating Poster designed to motivate Police Officers to eat healthy. Law Enforcement involves a lot of shift-work and long hours which makes eating healthy very challenging.

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