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Textpost Edits: Tenth Doctor edition That second-to -last one was the best!

Textpost Edits: Tenth Doctor edition - plus these are awesome text posts in general

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minus the watch, cat, popcorn, cordless phone, and buzz toy and it's legit!

said NO ONE EVER -♪♫ www.pinterest.com/WhoLoves/TV-Shows♪♫ #DrWho

I've thought it but I didn't mean it like I've had enough. I only thought it cuz I started talking with a British accent and I wasn't even trying 😂 There's no such thing as too much.

Who ever created this must be a cyber man.

In order to deal with the pain you are now feeling as a Whovian I recommend adorable pictures of Matt Smith and also hedgehogs. I cannot put into words how much pain there is in my heart from this poem. Haven't even seen most of the sadness but I feel it.

This is why i love doctor who... Right in the feels!

I love what one fan said “There will never be another you…. Unless you are the Doctor and your hand regenerates creating an exact copy of yourself so one of you can continue to save the universe and.

I would absolutely be the girl crying because we were all of a sudden on the moon.

if i was in that hotel for your worst fears, this would be my room. <~ yeah… and Sam and Dean would call me a monster and try to hunt me and Sherlock would call me out on all of my insecurities and…yeah. A lot more stuff too

Put it on facebook and c how many people ignore the message

Doctor Who Quotes Doctor Who Badge Event suggestion (also, it sort of evolved into my .

His eyes! Aha :)

Fourth Doctor postage stamp, and Tom Baker's opinion. / someone in Britain needs to send me some of these stamps.

Lol! Facial expressions!

David Tennant's facial expressions make my life but i totally agree.

No really, this would be fantastic. Brilliant. Totally full of wonderfuls. Yes, wonderfuls. I love this idea!

No really, this would be fantastic. Totally full of wonderfuls. Yes, wonderfuls. -- Rupert Grint is definitely eccentric enough to be the next Doctor. Mayb the 13 or 12

This is me with my bedroom 100%.

I wear your granddad's clothes now. Granddad's clothes are cool.