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That's even worse than when my brain told me that I had to add numbers according to the prophecy...

tis I, the frenchiest fry (btw je suis un pomme means I am an apple in French)


Someone from Massachusetts posted a whisper, which reads "Girls, never let men treat you like a yellow starburst.

; )  Illegal- Selling my kidney  Immoral- Doing it for plastic surgery   Fattening- im a fatass junk food junkie  Addictive- Obsessing about being ugly and hating myself   Expensive- Plastic surgery  Impossible- Dreaming about becoming a metamorphmagus like Tonks on Harry Potter so I can change my appearance at will

Everything i like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive or impossible essencials-for-life

Fun Comic Book Facts | MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny and...

Oh my, what about alcohol levels, ammonia levels, blood sugars, or urine drug screens? Those ok to bet on?

This is what Yahoo bought with its $1.1 billion...I love Tumblr

This is what Yahoo bought with its $1.1 billion.

Wow, the accuracy of this is insane. If anything I have the social skills of Wade and the appetite of Ron.

O.O Can't breath! Laughing to hard! Probably because I read unicorn instead of unborn!! LOL

I wish to devour the unborn! (Translation: I'd like some eggs for breakfast, please.

I now admire this girl's aunt Mary<---I need someone like that in my life instead of constantly being judged by my family

True story, in my life, it was Aunt Mamie and it was a butcher knife she kept under her pillow. :-)<<< okay you have a freaking awesome aunt.

We hate everyone funny quotes quote bitch hate funny quotes girl quotes @Meg Christensen bahahaha!!

Why are we so unpopular? Because we hate everyone.yup, pretty much sums it up.

Some days ‍♀️

Hilarious Weight-Loss Quotes to Instantly Feel Better About Your Diet: Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight feels for you.


in dog beers. ive only had one curlycait in dog beers. ive only had one in dog beers. ive only had one