Slytherin Psychology [x]

Slytherins are firm believers in & you want something done right, you& got to do it yourself.& Slytherin Psychology [x]

Slytherin Physcology

I might be any of the Hogwarts Houses. haven't gotten Pottermore-sorted, but all the billions of sorting tests I've taken before have usually (if quantitative) given me even scores across the board.

"Los Slytherins siempre tienen que tener la ultima palabra."  - Psychology.S

Slytherin Psychology - Slytherin Fan Art - Fanpop fanclubs *cough cough* So not true *cough* oh all right it is.

Slytherin Psychology [Submitted by andnonefordracomalfoybye]

Slytherin Psychology- The more I look through these the more I realise I really am a Slytherin.

No their too loud and friendly and that's how they're hiding something. They're also determined and loyal and would make good allies if you fund a way to blind their moral obligations.

Slytherins and Hufflepuffs make great buddies! The Hufflepuffs ignore the rumours about Slytherins, and when one friend is in trouble, the other one will help.