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I don't normally ascribe to the Gemini or other zodiac traits as meaning anything, but this happens to be true for me. I really have to watch myself.

If I'm around family and friends I know, I'll talk, but if it's people I rarely know, that's when my introverted side comes along.

For all their talk, Geminis are surprisingly shy. So true. Shy and introverted.

{smb}  many, many emotions.

It's our poker face. It's so hard for us to be honest about our true feelings, that we often mask it, even though our mind is running wild. It's bittersweet.

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I am really protective of the people I care about. My friend who is in the army just got shipped to Korea, and I gotta tell you, I'm sad

so true... even when they turn their backs on you we still see the good but most definitely humor is a must.

SO TRUE ---Original pinner: yep. if you don't have any brains I'll be bored very quickly and my mind will wander elsewhere

It's what I've always done...and yet I can't let you go. Is it proof it was real? That it actually hurts me? I have only hurt once before and even that was a dull comparison and didn't last long.

This is very true.Ive went through very many friends. and very many bfs. i always thought there was something wrong with me. // Gemini can detach themselves from someone so easily.

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