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Telperion Laurelin

sketches II & Morgoth & Elwing & Maglor & Elros Rings Battle of the Five Armies


Thranduil, The Forest King. “In a great hall with pillars hewn out of the living stone sat the Elvenking on a chair of carven wood. On his head was a crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn.

Beautiful. I applaud the artist for this lovely piece...I cried... shamelessly.

Casual reminder that Bilbo and Gandalf went to the Undying Lands, so he wouldn't have been reunited with Thorin and Company. Sorry, I'll just go over there and cry now.

lotr tarot

Cast a glimpse of the future with the help of Gandalf.

thats rough, buddy

im late for inktober, as usual but imma dedicate my inktober month to draw adventure time only ;

Theodred and Eomer

LOTR Tarot Cards - Imbuing the power of magic, artist SceithAilm creates LOTR tarot cards. This tarot card set pairs up each card with its Lord of the Rings character.