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Robbie Honey: A Man of Many Petals | AnOther

Robbie Honey: A Man of Many Petals

We meet Robbie Honey, a man whose name and job – "floral creative" for Dior, Valentino and more – we wish were our own

WGSN Project: taken from Home Workshop moodboard

Ori Sonnenschein found a way to reuse citrus fruit peels. Using microwave technology, Sonnenschein molded and hardened the peels, shaping them into beautiful ceramic-like shapes -

I R I S . 'Gypsy Tart' deconstructed #irisgermanica #irisgypsytart #miniatureiris #flora #flagiris #iris #scent #perfume #botanicaldeconstruction #deconstruction #deconstructed

I R I S . 'Gypsy Tart' deconstructed #irisgermanica #irisgypsytart #miniatureiris #flora #flagiris #iris #scent #perfume #botanicaldeconstruction #deconstruction #deconstructed

Landscape Kimonos by Itchiku Kubota (1917-2003) who brought to his work an emotional response to nature that was both deeply personal and uniquely Japanese. S)

Japanese Kimono Japan - I saw this in person at the Canton Art Museum, Canton, Ohio.

Michael De Feo | Inside

Fashion Magazines Portraits Filled by Painted Floral Patterns – Fubiz Media

5 Mondrian Fashion by Saint-Laurent Madrid, 1967 Photo Frank Horvat

Photo Frank Horvat

Madrid, Spain, for Harper’s Bazaar, Mondrian fashion by Yves Saint Laurent, Frank Horvat

bouquet avec plantes grasses

I need to order flowers for a close family member in the Netherlands today . you would expect the Netherlands to have some crazy cool online shops where you can order beautiful arranged bouquets but I couldn't find them.bloemerie in Oss

Pinterest/ @Itsjustbxth   - petals

This image of a flower market is so fun. Flowers never fail to make us happy, and we love this shot!