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Because they're the most common text post anymore. Well, aside from those posts where people go "WRITE A BOOK"

soudas: can you even sue the president like what if you tried to sue obama and you just got a letter back saying "no" and he came to your house and did the worm watsonly: why is it i don't find text posts like this strange anymore

Foods to eat while on your period

Foods to Eat (and Avoid) on Your Period

Did you know Kale has a ton of calcium in it and so it’s really good at easing period symptoms? So, yeah we love this list of what to eat while on your period. Probz good to eat it all in 1 day, right?

This just recently happened to me, smoking white, I freaked and pulled over. Even if you don't think it's that bad, pull over, because even if it's a minor fix, pushing it too far could result in damages you don't want.

And if it's a mist coming through your air vents, it's from your cooling system. Don't panic or pull over, just buy a kit to recharge the system at your earliest convenience.<<< Smoking car tips

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Ned's Declassified Full School Survival Guide ~ Wow, I cannot believe that some one actually wrote this out! It's so friggin' long, and yet so friggin' awesome!

Three activities that your newborn and toddler can bond over. #siblingbonding #newborns #toddlers

3 Bonding Activities for New Baby and Toddler

Three activities that your newborn and toddler can bond over. #siblingbonding #newborns #toddlers