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Flipper High Heel—Because a lady musn't sacrifice her style, even when she's scuba diving. High Tide Heels, image via Shoes For All.


Family on a motorcycle; baby in a bucket. I saw stuff like this every day when I was in Jakarta - crazy! I was always so sure i was going to see a little baby fall off a motorcycle.

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take a dance class! Dance is a very important part of my life. I dance almost every day, and I am seriously grateful that I am able to. Dance as a workout is almost perfect.

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Being an adult is stupid, but being a stupid adult is Playground Equipment Source: Soda Vending MachineSource: SwingSource: . View Adults Stuck in Things Like Big Idiot Children" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Os sapatos mais estranhos e inacreditáveis já vistos

Its a well known stereotype that women love shoes. But its a stereotype that more often than not is completely true. Shoes make a style. Shoes make an outfit. Shoes make a statement. Some shoes though make more of a statement than others.

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This photo of an exceptionally awesome hairdo was taken by Brock Davis for a piece for Esquire magazine’s Grooming Spectacular: The Ramifications of a bold new haircut - in the October 2011 issue.



hahaha lol lol can't stop laughing :D did your dog curl up in your hair an die? Idk why this is so funny.


What fashion lover doesn't love shoes? I've compiled the strangest shoes in fashion today that even the biggest fashionista may or may not love. These shoes are innovative, funny, and some are even disturbing.

For the boys who don't understand 
obviously most of them do understand and that's why they don't wear them :D

Still wanna wear high heels?

Funny pictures about X-Ray of foot in high heeled shoe. Oh, and cool pics about X-Ray of foot in high heeled shoe. Also, X-Ray of foot in high heeled shoe photos.

We are sharing most Weird Hairstyles. 15 most crazy, weird, strange, funny and worst hairdo you will never want to try. No doubt they all are very creative

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Belle fleur Michel Tcherevkoff Shoefleur, A Footwear Fantasy. It began with a…


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Its Opel Agila High-hell shoes. Designed by Luca Stappers and unveiled as part of Opel’s promotional campaign for its new