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Never Trust A Fart... EVER

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Shittt. The mailman was feeling it. Wait he died? Wow. Women deserve recognition for not dying.

The mailman was feeling it. Wait he died? Women deserve recognition for not dying.<<<I love it how the woman cheats on him with the mailman, and the automatic reaction was "dang. That's a lot of pain"

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These 19 dogs deserve their own social accounts

This guy.

This guy.

This woman's husband recently got banned from Walmart, you will never believe the reasons why. He sounds brilliant!

Code Solved by Sherlock Holmes

I am both Sherlock and Watson! I literally sat and stared at this image for a few seconds and deduced that the passcode was 0179 although the door was already open due to the green light.

I bet the music he plays is imaginary too

What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/

...man tries to trick walmart  machine

Man Tries To Trick Walmart Machine. But Didn't Expect This To Happen.

So funny!

So funny!

I know it wasn't my Mother. My dad died a natural death but yet I still feel as if this cop has met my mom.

A wise man…

A very wise man right there.nothing aggrivates me more than when someone steps in my dirt pile or walks on my wet floors! And I do it daily, so this might lead to someones death.

Thor & Iron Man Bwahahaha!!!

The interactions between Thor and the other Avengers. Always puts a smile on my face. The next Avengers movie should definitely have a funny scene with this in it. XD I feel like Thor would call him metal man though.