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We can't forget about the real meaning of Easter too. With so much fuss over the holiday we tend to overlook the real reason that we are supposed to be celebrating Easter in the first place.

Dogwood flower cross

What is the legend of the dogwood tree? Was the cross Jesus was crucified on made of dogwood?


This is a picture of a cross which is the symbol for Christianity. Christianity is the most popular religion in Germany. The most common type of Christianity is Roman Catholic.

Death could not hold You down! Amen

Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins that we might have life in Him. Accept Jesus as God's son, ask Him for forgiveness, believe in Him with all your heart, draw close to Him by reading the Bible, talk to Him in prayer.


Cross formed by clouds. So amazing! God's work of art for sure.

Reading His Word is the only way to know, I mean REALLY know the One you claim to love :)

so true. - A bible falling apart usually belongs to someone who isnt! Love this!

stunning picture

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