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I don't know why but this sketch evoke a sense of nostalgia - the house is so beautiful.


dating from the and century, Gothic doorway of the cathedral in Sées, Normandy, France - Architectural drawing

Architectural render - Hand drawn house with watercolor clean, straight lines are juxtaposed with loose, expressive water colour

Architectural render - Hand drawn house with watercolor. Water colour has the wonderful ability to create detailed imagery and a sense of materials, mood, movement, space, light.

Architectural Urban Sketches and Cityscape Drawings. See more art and information about Kiyohiko Azuma, Press the Image.

Very effective use of pen and ink to create a complete scene with a strong mood/emotive theme.


The imperfection of the hand drawn lines makes this simple drawing more appealing rather than the opposite.

♥James Gulliver Hancock

All The Buildings In New York

Aussie James Gulliver Hancock is the artist who is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. He is working in a project called "All The Buildings In New York".