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Beautiful dandelion tattoo with words (would use different words and own handwriting) I grew up around dandelions I thought they were so cool never thinking how they are a weed


hearts with stars tattoo, want to add both of my children's names. I would switch the stars on the bottom heart to the other side.

Cross tattoo, only with "In the depth of every storm I know He is God....I stand still and wait for His hand to carry me.."

bible verse cross: In the depth of every storm I know he is God.I stand still and wait for his hand to carry me away

Wish! I love this!

"LOVE this idea for a tattoo where each little flyaway represents your children - easy enough to add on to as your family grows!" Not a big fan of THIS dandelion tattoo, but love the concept for my dandelion:)

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Female Tattoo Woman With Tattoo My Hip Tatt This Is Just One Of tattoo-ideas

Whatever will be... Will be.

When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what shall I be, will I be pretty?, will I be rich?que sera sera. Whatever will be will be the futures not ours to see que Sera sera


redesign this so it's the word life with roots coming out of the bottom and wings/birds flying away from the top. i like the font and the location with brave wings she flies Tattoo Idea (font: signerica)

love how it flows . . . love calligraphy that resembles the infinity sign

love how it flows . . . "love" calligraphy that resembles the "in

"Love" calligraphy that resembles the "infinity" sign . Would be a pretty tattoo.